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Be Inspired!
Monica Link, Performer, Writer, Business Woman

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Be a "Survivor"

Ask any great person and they will tell you that making it to success means being a survivor of negativity, bad experiences and those who pledge to help, but never do. How do you move on from those who held you back or refused to support you? The answer: living well. This week we see in the headlines the story of a little girl held captive for 18 years by horrible people. Because she survived, she is reunited with her family. She is happy and smiling and glad to be home. Years ago, Destiny’s Child topped the charts with their hit song “Survivor” right in the midst of the group’s biggest scandal. Radio DJ’s were making fun of them. Members of the group quit right before some of their biggest projects. In the midst of the worst times for the group, its members took a stand and chose not to lash out at all the people who poked fun at them and said they wouldn’t make it. Instead they recorded “Survivor” a song about making it through a struggle. Today that song is one of the bands greatest hits with millions of sales worldwide. The members of that band went on to have great careers. I don’t need to name them, just turn on the TV and read a fashion magazine and you will see them. If you’re a business owner, entertainer or just someone who wants to be their best personal self, know that people will be critical without helping. People will try to tear you down and discourage you. Those with more power and money may be more intimidating, but through it all you must be a survivor. You can’t give up. You must keep going and get the best revenge that exists, living well. When you see the negative person, give them a smile. If you have a party, invite them. Keep moving, pray for them and wish them well. When you feel intimidated think of these lyrics from the song. “I’m a survivor. I’m not gone give up. I’m not gone stop. I’m gone work harder. I’m a survivor I’m gone make it, I will survive and keep on surviving.”

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Tisiphone said...

OMG Monica! This was right on time for me! It makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing.

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