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Be Inspired!
Monica Link, Performer, Writer, Business Woman

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monica Link's Live your dreams column now syndicated online!

I am officially crossing this off my dream list, "Syndicated Columnist" My inspirational column about living your dreams will be syndicated online in 2010. Stay tuned for details. Don't worry, you can keep getting your dose of inspiration and quotes from great people right here on Check back daily for updates! Yayyy!!!  Also check me out on We're taking the world by storm in 2010! Yes, you can go ... my treat! I love you all for your support and remember "You can be anything". Now get off the couch and go live your dreams!

 - Monica Link

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being a syndicated columnist! The worst thing people can do is to compare themselves to others. That's why I love the practice of meditation. This combined with self-responsibility, love, trust and awareness can make miracles happen. I've experienced my own and have read of others'. The last one I read about was in a book by Andy Feld called, '"Wake Up! Your Life is Calling'' - wonderful book full of amazing insights and stories.
thanks for listening,

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