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Monday, August 30, 2010

Live Your Dreams Now: The Business of Being Nice

If you're a business owner or a contractor, read this blog now. For one week I challenged America to be nice. I did this to make the world a better place, one nice deed at a time. This can be easy some days and hard on others. For example, I gave away change, opened doors and let others walk ahead of me. I even called my sister to tell her something nice. The challenge was for strangers, but it's OK to be nice to people you know :)
This week many business challenges came that were not nice moments for me. There were times when I almost lost my cool and deviated from the whole challenge, but with faith and prayer I'm hanging in there. Sometimes the people closest to you in business are the ones who don't listen. Good deals go bad, agreements broken and friends become enemies. When in business, no means no. Respect is the key. If you don't respect a person, you won't be nice to them. If you don't agree with a business associate, don't lie to them and don't pretend you'll do one thing when you have a different agenda. Find people who have the same vision and do business with them. It's good business etiquette to tell someone that a deal is not going to work out.
Try not to get emotional. It's never nice when people stop speaking and lawyers get involved. Kindness and respect is the key. Use wisdom in your decisions and stick to the business of being nice.


Marshelle said...

I agree. The same customer service we expect, is the same we ought to give. Keep up the great writing!


We strongly believe in helping others with achieving their goals; this is the definition of true wealth. My personal belief is that in order to receive love you must give love!

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