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Be Inspired!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The 7-Day Eat Healthy challenge Starts Wednesday!

It's time to ditch our junk food and cling to fresh food during the 7-Day eat healthy challenge.
Woooo-hoooo!! The  global obesity crisis, uninsured adults and diseases snatching away people much too soon has inspired this weeks 7-Day challenge. We've done vegetarian and exercise before, but this week I want the challenge to be a fresh start to a healthier life.
The 7-day challenge is NOT a challenge where we eat a couple fruits and veggies and blog about. I'm talking about hard core change. No fast food, No candy, No chips, No TV dinners... period!
I'm talking about home cooked meals, fresh fruits and veggies and while you're at it, eat dinner with your family.
I know this may be hard for some, but the reward is worth it all. As usual I have a few rules that you must follow. I will give them to you as the week continues. For now, enjoy your last cookie. It's time to say goodbye to junk and change our lives.  - Monica Link

1 comment:

Marshelle said...

No frozen dinner's? I'm game if you're game! I can't wait to hear the rules! Yay healthy eating!!

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