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Be Inspired!
Monica Link, Performer, Writer, Business Woman

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surviving the Jungle

By Monica Link
Live Your Dreams Now!

Career, family and the balancing act of life concern many people in this modern world. The new year brings many family announcements. Victoria Beckham and Tia Mowry both announced pregnancies in January. Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban welcomed a new little one with a little help. Regardless of the course you take, life can be a jungle.
Just like a jungle one day the sun can be shining and everything going your way. In the blink of an eye the day can change with lots of rain with fog and everything looking the same. Celebrities may be planning families but fame and fortune has its cost. the tabloids, job changes and cancelled shows can all bring stress and unwanted attention. Living your dreams has a cost, but the cost of doing something you doing love can be much higher.
Are you in a jungle right now? Living in a place you hate? Working for peanuts? This is your year to have everything and survive the jungle. You don't have to fight with people about your life. If no one will share your excitement, find people who will. There's no time for bitterness and resentment. It's a jungle out there and its time for you to bring your A' game to the jungle. The vines are hanging and its time for you to grab it. make plans, cancel unproductive plans and make more plans. You can enjoy your life and be free of judgement from others. Take your faith to the next level and change your language. You can't live in the jungle with defeated thinking and a negative mouth.
Speak great things into your life and sow good seeds into others. No one wants to hear your negative words all the time. try being supportive, even if you don't agree with the situation or at least keep your thoughts to your self. In your own life its time to stop being lazy and being in someone else's shadow. Be original and push yourself higher. You deserve the best so reach for it. Don't let a tiger chew your arm off. Watch out for snakes and stay one step ahead of yourself in the game of living your dreams. You can survive the jungle and stand on top of the mountains in the best year of your life. Get out there, be tough and have lots of fun!

xo - M

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Suniwithachance said...

Great motivational statement. At the moment where I felt I was lost in this 'jungle life' of mine, I read your inspiring blog and was moved to a nearby vine. Thanks :}

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