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Be Inspired!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Alter Ego - Lessons from Snooki

Live Your Dreams Now!
Monica Link

Role Model' is the last title you expect to hear associated with reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polozzi. This week while promoting her new book, Confessions of a Guidette' she talked about her reality TV personality as an alter ego. Off camera she said she is a strong, independent woman who is a good role model.
When living your dreams sometimes you have to step outside of yourself. Snooki's on camera persona may be a little too much, but it has bought her fame, money and a career she's proud of.
Stepping outside yourself isn't easy. There's insecurity, criticism and fear. You must believe in yourself and your own dream. Do what it takes to make them come true. If you've never traveled alone, don't be afraid to do it. If you need to promote your business, be bold and daring. Staying inside of your little box won't change your life. It definitely won't land you on TV or gain you the attention you deserve. It's time to step out of the box and go for it. Here's a few tip's to creating your alter ego and living your dreams.

1. Don't take yourself too seriously - Step outside yourself, make fun of your flaws and magnify all your good points.
2. Look the part - Dress like your dream ( or at least fake it til you make it)
3. Take Big Steps - baby steps will keep you in the box .. grow up, put the milk down and go grab a steak

Look forward to the rest of 2011 and embrace you inner alter ego. It will take you to places beyond your wildest dreams. 

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