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Be Inspired!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas: Unwrap your dreams!

By Monica Link
Live Your Dreams Now!

This holiday season, give yourself the best gift you've ever gotten, permission to unwrap your dreams. You likely have a secret passion, desire or a need that you don't talk about. It's time to allow yourself to dream and do the things you're thinking about.
Life may have tossed you a few curve balls. Marriage, kids, job, family problems, layoff and sickness are among distractions that come, but your dream is still there hiding in your heart.
This Christmas, free yourself to unwrap your dreams. You may think it's too late, but its not. Even if you have to modify how you live the dream, you still can.
If you have a dream that needs a little extra cash, save some while you're shopping. If you have a dream that needs time, make it a priority.
Your Christmas present should be something that you can't break or throw away. When you live a dream and accomplish a goal, there's no greater feeling. Allow yourself to enjoy something that's all about you. It doesn't make you selfish to want something for yourself. It makes you normal.
Have a Merry Christmas and live your dreams, don't forget Jesus is the reason for the season! - xo - Monica Link

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