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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Life Without Winter

By Monica Link

The recent record breaking weather has made me rethink my position on moving to the west coast. For those of you who don't know, I spent years in my hometown Detroit, dreaming of moving to Manhattan to live out many of my life's dreams.
It's surreal sometimes to unlock the door to my apartment or to hail a cab home. I am living proof that what's in your head can become a clear and present reality.

Most of my immediate family is just a short plane ride away. The career I've built is all here, but what would life be like without winter?

Sometimes living your dreams is like my struggle with winter life on the east coast.

When things are going your way, its spring and summer. Everything is hopeful and happy. New things are happening and new relationships are developing. You can work all day and play all night. Life feels sunny and happy all the time. Fall is slow but interesting. Things are more realistic. The euphoric high of summer is gone but things are steady.

The cold breeze of winter has plenty of bite. It's dark, cold and miserable.
That job you wanted - gone. That relationship breakup is bitter and everything you thought was going to happen, seems to be a distant fairytale, destined not to come true.

Eventually the season will end, things do get better and in spite of how awful things seem, and you will survive.

In the worst seasons of life, you can't forget about your dreams and the things you love. In winter you learn how to survive, be strong and move to the next level. In my case, I remember why I moved to the city and how I fell in love with New York. Living life without winter seems fun, but we all know winter is unavoidable.

Take life's battles as lessons and enjoy each day, each dream and each triumph. You can live your dreams now, even in the winter.

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